The heart of production process

The Goldsmithy, the heart of our production process

This is where the majority of work on single pieces of jewellery is done. Each one requires a particular process. One piece may need to be honed down, another may still need to be cut. Pieces are soldered and mounted here. This is also where single components for each individual piece of jewellery are prepared and assembled for mounting.
Flexshaft motors and various metal working tools are part of the technical equipment. Each workstation is also equipped with a soldering units. This enables the goldsmith to carry out all steps required for each piece of jewellery in one place.
Each goldsmith workstation has an indented section. It isn‘t meant to make sitting more comfortable, in fact, underneath there is a “bench skin” which collects any filings dropped during cutting and polishing, so they can be recycled.

Located directly in the goldsmithy, the supervisor responsible for technology assigns the steps necessary for new models. This is also where our jewellery designer works to prepare new models.
When a new model has been completed to perfection, it is passed on to form making and for preparation of new rubber moulds. Apart from the serial production of jewellery collections, we have been working intensively in the design and manufacture of unique pieces of jewellery in order to extend our range for discerning customers and complement it with extraordinary pieces.
All components used for jewellery manufacture are numbered and arranged on large boards as samples. Each component has an accompanying working process with the necessary tools, which is precisely (and) technologically defined. For new developments, it may be possible to use already prepared components and existing tools, making manufacture affordable to our customers.

Fitting and gluing

The goldsmithy also houses the workstations of the stone fitters. They receive the pieces to be prepared for fitting stones. Sometimes the mount or rock support has to fine milled, so the stone sits evenly, then the mount edges are closed using a hammer and a punch. The metal is carefully driven toward the stone, ensuring a tight fit. It is essential that the fitter has a good eye and careful touch. Just one miss with the hammer, and the stone is gone.
We fit all kinds of stone, from faceted amethysts to turquoise cabochon and of course amber. Even diamonds are fitted in the prepared mounts. Afterwards, the piece of jewellery is again brought to a high shine.
For many models, the stone is not mounted, but glued. For this purpose, we use a high quality two component adhesive, which is carefully applied to the degreased, dry stone support, then the stone which exactly fits the mount, is inserted.